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Firstfruits Feed offers many different brands of products for all types of animals

We can supply all types of LMF feed for our customers, from Super Supplement G to LMF Gold. If it is not in our warehouse, we can often get it within a week!

Text Box: LMF Grain for Horses

We carry a full line of Purina Horse products, including Purina Equine Senior and  Purina Strategy.

Text Box: Purina Horse Feed

Our stock of Nutrena horse products includes the Nutrena Safe Choice line and the Empower  line.

Nutrena Horse Feed

Text Box: We carry Triple Crown products ranging from Triple Crown Senior on down the line, providing your with whatever Triple Crown product your horse requires.

Triple Crown Horse Feed

From our most popular brand, Taste of the Wild to brands such as Canidae, Nutri Source, and Natural choice, we have a wide selection of canned and dry cat and dog foods.

Dog & Cat Products

We are a supplier of bird and outdoor animal products, giving us the opportunity to serve our outdoor animal caretakers with a variety of bird feeds, squirrel feeds, deer food, and other outdoor animal supplies.

Bird Seed

Product List

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Our diverse supply of rabbit feed helps you raise pets and show rabbits, supplying them with feed, hay, bedding, and whatever else you may need to keep them healthy.

Rabbit & Small Animal Supplies

Text Box: Our hay is our best-seller and something we take pride in. We have export-grade Eastern Washington Timothy and Alfalfa hay, as well as Western Washington Certified  Weed Free Orchard Grass and Straw for pick up or delivery. Your horses will be excited to eat this hay!

Export Grade Hay Bales

We offer organic and standard options for taking care of your flock, stocking not only their feed, but also scratch, cracked corn, meal worms, and much more! We offer baby chicks in the spring and a training workshop on proper chicken care.

Poultry Products

We carry horse supplements and supplies to treat various types of ailments and prevent many more. Supplying AniMed, LMF Digest 911, NW Horse Supplements, Redmond Rock, and much more, we have supplies to keep your horse healthy.

Supplements and Supplies

Text Box: Whether you need Hay Pellets, Sterling pellets, COB, or Beet Pulp, we have it! Here are some other feed options for your horses that come from other suppliers.

Other Horse Feeds